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May 10, 2017

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Solartech Solarmeter UVI Meter Model 6.5

Product Code #solarmeter65

Solartech Solarmeter UVI Meter Model 6.5
No longer available.
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SolarTech's new Ultraviolet Index Meter (UVI 6.5 Meter) is now available at RUV! Because of so many dangerous reptile UV bulbs hitting the market (please read the UV Guide) we now highly recommend using this important and highly accurate tool if you are not using a Mega-Ray® UV bulb. Many respected name brand distributors are selling bulbs that may endanger your animals leaving injuries that even experienced exotic vets may not diagnose properly because the injuries never happen in nature.

Most people are educated on what the UV Index is. Before going to the beach you can look in your local news paper and see what the UV index will be for that day. A high UV index means that you will sun burn very quickly. Unnatural levels of UV index will burn your animals eyes and cause anorexia and eventually death.

Don't this happen to your animal!

Far too many reptile lamps sold today either emit very little UVB or (even worse) in some cases such as some inexpensive Chinese lamps flooding the market, they emit dangerous amounts of UVB. The use of this essential reptile tool will eliminate any worry or danger to you or your reptile from either.


  • Attractive
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • LCD Readout
  • Accurate

Solarmeter 6.5 Manufacturer's Specifications

  • Peak sunlight response bandwidth: 290-298 nm
  • Total solar response: 290-400nm, Diffey
  • Display: 3 digit LCD
  • Resolution: 0.1 UVI
  • Power Source: 9V DC battery
  • Accuracy: 10% ref NIST


Press and hold push-button switch on face of unit. Aim sensor window in top panel of meter directly at UV source. Note reading on LCD and record if desired.

Uses standard 9v DC battery. Battery operating range is 9.0 to 6.5 volts. Meter remains accurate until battery power is so low that LCD display fades. With average daily use, the battery may last 2 years.

This item is a special order item, and shipping timeframes are approximately 2-4 weeks from the date order is placed.

Thank you,
Your ReptileUV team.