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May 10, 2017

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Bob's Personal Photographs

Hundreds of different reptiles and different species have gone through Bobs doors over the years. Most were not just rescues but needed major rehabilitation work or were very aggressive and needed to be socialized. Some of these really touched his heart and he kept as family members. As we have time, we will post some of their pictures.


Days after being confiscated from abusive owner X-ray Special habitat for paraplegic Erving
Erving always found the high UV area, Proto-type MegaRays 7 months later 9 months later
"My Place"

Rambo, 2010

Louie, 2008

Louie, Before & After Treatment

Before After Smiling in 2006


Setup at the Shop 2008 Key West Trip
wild Green Iguana

95"ReptileUV Harley Davidson

Everglades Adventure, 2007


Wayward turtle brings do-gooders out of shell "Wayward turtle brings do-gooders out of shell"
"They snap up chance to find Bill a new home"

By Gene Rose
The Fresno Bee
Thursday, July 19, 1990

Bob MacCargar's Iguana Hospital "Reviving lizards on their last leg"
"Bob MacCargar's body shop doubles as iguana hospital."

By Jamie Cameron
Tideland News Writer